Gala spotlight: GEM Management Partners LLC

Gala spotlight: GEM Management Partners LLC

George, Edward and Michael Nukho are the principals of GEM Management Partners LLC, a property management company specializing in multi-family residential properties located throughout Westchester County, with nearly 500 units in Yonkers alone.

George, Edward and Michael received undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering, business management, and accounting and computer information systems, respectively.  They were introduced to the real estate industry at an early age through holdings owned by their beloved father, Milad Nukho. Working with the community and providing quality housing to individuals and organizations like The Guidance Center of Westchester quickly became a passion and turned into a full-time job and the formation of GEM.  

As principals and managers, GEM strives to provide quality service while continuously advancing their skillset. The brothers are committed to obtaining certifications and training in the field.  George has obtained licensing as a NYS real estate agent, extermination, mold inspector, and LEAD contractor. Michael has obtained his NYS real estate broker license and holds a designation of Certified Property Manager (“CPM”).  Edward spearheads an automotive service station, which was also founded by their father over 40 years ago. The station remains a staple in the Yonkers community, with the street in front of the station on South Broadway earning the honorary designation of “Milad Nukho Way.”

As real estate professionals and managers, GEM believes all people deserve quality housing. They are especially committed to ensuring that individuals in need have safe, affordable, and well-maintained housing. GEM is dedicated to partnering with agencies like TGCW.  GEM’s accomplishments are achieved through effective teamwork and personal involvement in all aspects of the business.  GEM is humbled to be an honoree for TGCW and remains committed to assisting the agency in their mission to help people learn, work, and thrive.

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