Hidden In Plain Sight - decoding a teen room

Hidden In Plain Sight - decoding a teen room

Stumble across an old book on the floor in your daughter’s room, and you smile to yourself thinking that she’s still an active reader. Find a full bottle of colorful sports drink on your son’s dresser, and you think nothing of it because he always leaves cups, plates, and food wrappers lying around. However, look a little more closely and you will be surprised learn that a teen’s room can have countless “every day” items that are secretly – in plain sight – concealing substance use paraphernalia.

“Teens today have a lot of ways to mask or hide experimentation or even habitual use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco,” explains Camille Banks-Lee, LCSW, of The Hub, an adolescent and young adult substance use treatment program run by The Guidance Center of Westchester. “As the parent of a teen, I know it’s a scary subject. But the more that parents and caregivers know, the better.”

As part of their ongoing educational and awareness series, The Hub will host a “Hidden in Plain Sight” workshop from 5:30 – 7:00 PM on Wednesday, September 26. Student Assistance Services will conduct the workshop in conjunction with The Hub. The workshop takes place at The Hub, 256 Washington Street, Mount Vernon (near S. Columbus Ave.).

“The workshop is free and open to parents, caregivers, counselors, and anyone who works with teens or young adults,” Ms. Banks-Lee says. People will have the opportunity to see and explore a sample teen room and do some hands-on learning about things which look like every-day items but are, in fact, used to hide or conceal alcohol, drugs, or other substances. There will be time for discussion, questions, and answers.

For additional information, please contact Ms. Banks-Lee at 914-613-0700 x7405 or TheHub@TheGuidanceCenter.org .

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