Kadian's Travels - a view on employment

Kadian's Travels - a view on employment

PROS (Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services) is more than a program - PROS is a supportive community. We'd like to thank Kadian for sharing her story about wellness and what employment means to her with the PROS participants and with all of us. Her words inspire. 

Kadian's travles (in her own words):

While attending PROS, I have changed my life around. I have met so many good people. They have helped me learn to speak up; to share ideas; and to learn from different points of view. I’ve learned to talk about my issues instead of dealing with things in the wrong way.

PROS has taught me:

  • New coping skills
  • How to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions
  • And how to stay out of the hospital

I have set many goals for myself in PROS. One goal is that I want to work. I want to change my life through work.

I have a good work history. It’s not a long one. But it’s mine. I own it.

I’ve worked in hotel operations. I’ve stocked shelves at a grocery store. I kept the store clean and worked in customer service. In retail, I’ve done inventory, stocked shelves, and handed customer service and clean up. I’ve also worked in food service at a multiplex theatre.

I haven’t been to college. But I did spend six months taking the hotel management training course. It was at the Culinary Tech Center in White Plains. I’m luckier than a lot of people. It was $30,000 program that the state paid for (through AccessVR). I spent 600 hours learning about good customer service and how hotels work. They taught me how to perform in a hotel. Then I spent another 100 hours at the Kensington, a facility for seniors. I served coffee, dealt with residents, engaged residents in activities during their cocktail hour. I loved it.

And I received great references. One person I worked for said that “Kadian has a true sense of love, respect, passion and spirit. It warmed my heart to learn haw impactful her experience has been with us…”

I really want to get back to work. Right now I’m interviewing. I’m checking out new opportunities. And that can be heavy duly work. But I like meeting people who can put me to work. I’m becoming more confident and positive. I’m learning how to present myself to other people, to show off my good characteristics and skills.

Why do I work? Work gives me:

  • More independence, more freedom to make my own decisions and be heard
  • I’m putting more money in my pocket
  • More importantly, I want to change my life. I’m going to work to try to get my family back. I can become a more dependable person and a better citizen. There are necessary skills to learn when you work. Like improving my listening skills. I’m also trying to develop new skills to help sort out other people’s issues. I want to learn patience, understanding and kindness so I can give back to my family. I want to become someone they can look up to
  • I’m a people person. I learn from others. And I welcome interacting with them. I need to be with others during the day. I really like working as part of a team
  • I like to be useful. I like to serve others. I enjoy putting the needs of others before my own
  • By performing well on a job, I can climb a ladder to success
  • I like to see what I am capable of. What you put your mind to you can do
  • Work gives me a chance to grow up and to become the person I want to be

Pictured here are Kadian along with members of the PROS team Jeff Ranbaum, Luis Roman, and Allison Watson.

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