Rehabilitative services help people who have mental illness and/or substance use disorders build or restore skills and develop community supports so that they achieve goals and sustain functioning in the areas of living, learning, working, socialization, relationships, and health and wellness.

  • Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services (PROS) is a comprehensive rehabilitative program for people with serious mental illness. Go to the PROS page.
  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is a team approach to mental health care. A team of professionals works to develop and implement community-based services for people whose mental health needs have not been met by the traditional office-based approach to services. See the flyer here. Email us.
  • Children and Family Treatment and Support Services are available to Medicaid eligible children/youth (21 years and younger) and their families. TGCW offers therapy and rehabilitation services in the home or community. See the flyer here. Email us or call 914-613-0700 x7128.
  • Core Rehabilitation Services see Vocational Services.
  • Health Home care management utilizes a care manager to coordinate medical, behavioral health, and social services in order to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations. Health Home care management is available to Medicaid participants (adults, and children and their families) who have certain chronic medical, mental health, or substance use conditions. See the flyer about the program for children and young adults (to 21 years old). See the flyer about the program for adults. Email us.
  • Home and community-based services support mental health and substance abuse recovery and help participants achieve personal goals and a better quality of life. Individualized, flexible services are provided in a participant’s home, a convenient location in the community, or at our offices in New Rochelle or Mount Vernon. Home and community-based services are available to Medicaid HARP members. Children and adult services available. See the flyer here.  Email us.
  • Supported education advocates for and provides counseling and support services to Westchester college students who have mental illness. Supported education helps ensure that the students can remain in college and achieve success throughout the course of their academic career. See the flyer here. Email us.     

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